Singing through the Sorrow

Believers are not exempt from seasons of sorrow. Where do you turn when life doesn’t make sense, when you’re overwhelmed, or when you are suffering? Is it possible to praise the Lord through the pain? In Acts chapter 16 Paul and Silas teach us how to sing through the sorrow. Sunday morning, September 4, 2022. (Acts 16:11-40)

Grace or Works?

Is salvation by grace alone or our own good works? In Acts 15 the Apostles and the Jerusalem church come together to discuss this monumental issue. Sunday morning, August 14, 2022. (Acts 15:1-19)

Paul’s Spiritual Secrets

Why was the Apostle Paul used so greatly by the Lord? What made him different or set him a part from others? From Acts chapter 14 we learn three characteristics from Paul’s ministry that we can emulate today. Sunday morning, August 7, 2022. (Acts 14:1-28)